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Make Independence Financial Advisors

Your Team for Life

We Can Help You With Your “Life” Questions:

Young couple

Retiring Soon

  • I need my savings to last the rest of my life. Do I have enough to retire now?
  • How long should I wait before claiming Social Security? I have been married before, can I get spousal benefits?
  • Medicare is complex. How do I know what the best plan is?
  • I worry that I will lose my hard-earned savings to nursing home costs. Are there ways to protect my assets?

Starting Out

  • I have a trading account, but could I do better with professional advice?
  • I know I need to get my finances in order, but don't know where to start.
  • Should I save more for the future or pay down loans faster?
  • Am I on track for the future I want?
  • I have an employer retirement plan, but how do I know I am saving enough and investing it properly?

Building Years

  • My parents are aging and my kids are heading to college soon; how do I plan for what's next?
  • My partner and I have accounts spread all over from former employers. How do we consolidate them?
  • I want some money to enjoy now, but I want to know that I'll have enough throughout retirement, too.
  • I’m a small business owner and I’m not sure I have a clear exit strategy that leads to retirement. How can I plan with confidence?

Being a fiduciary means...

We put our client’s best interests ahead of our own at all times when providing financial advice. In addition, our advisors are salaried so we aren’t after high commissions, but are committed to offering the best possible advice to you.

Our team of professionals have been building relationships with clients since 1996. Working together over time allows us to better understand your family’s goals throughout all of life’s stages. A personal relationship with advisors in your community makes all the difference.

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